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Case Results

  • Denied Case Results in Five Figure Settlement

    October 2021

    We love to see big numbers and to start these results off with a flashy six figure amount. However, as we have all heard a thousand times, money isn't everything. Sometimes, at the end of the day, we are most proud and most happy with ourselves when we settle a smaller case, knowing that we fough... Read On

  • $100,000 Policy Limit Settlement with Contested Liability

    October 2021

    Mary was in a car accident at an intersection in St. Louis, Missouri and badly injured. The police report was unclear as to who was at fault, and the other driver refused all liability. What we learned, through some hard work investigation, is that, given the sequence of the traffic lights at thi... Read On

  • Six-Figure Victory after offer of less than $20k!

    September 2021

    In May of 2020, we were referred TaShauna's case by a large local firm from whom we receive a lot of referrals when the cases need to be filed as lawsuits. TaShauna was involved in a motor vehicle collision in January of 2019. This was a head-on collision which caused the airbags to deploy and ... Read On

  • Jasper County, Illinois Accident Results in $86,000 Settlement

    September 2021

    Our client Trevor was a passenger involved in a single vehicle accident in Jasper County, Illinois. The driver of the truck was going well over the speed limit when he missed a T intersection and drove into a steep ravine. Trevor immediately felt a sharp pain in his shoulder and was taken to the ... Read On

  • Bad Faith Case Leads to $250,000 Settlement in Crawford County, Illinois

    September 2021

    Our client Ron was severely injured when a car ran a stop sign and t-boned him on his motorcycle. Ron and his passenger were pushed by the car completely through the intersection causing him to suffer from a compound fracture of his ankle and leg, a partially torn rotator cuff and numerous other ... Read On

  • $981,000.00 Mega Win for Young Mother Rear-Ended

    October 2020

    Our client, Brooke, was involved in a rear end auto accident four years ago near Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Brooke was in her early 30s, a young mother of two and she was hurt. Problem was, the impact was relatively minor and there was not much damage to her car. Brooke and her husband wen... Read On

  • Soft Tissue Injuries Result in Settlement of More than $60,000

    Our client was struck by a motor vehicle while walking on the shoulder of the road. Although she was knocked to the ground and suffered injuries to her arm and shoulder, she was lucky enough not to sustain any broken bones.  The insurance company didn't believe that her injuries were serious eno... Read On

  • Client Obtains 5 Figure Settlement for Broken Rib Without Suit

    This young woman was shopping at a local supermarket when she slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the aisle which was concealed against a light-colored floor surface. She sustained a broken rib and although she reported the injury immediately, the supermarket claimed that they had no knowled... Read On

  • Client's Case Settles for Nearly 4x the Initial Offer Amount

    Our client was rear ended while waiting on the car in front of her to turn. She suffered soft tissue and neurological injuries, which are common results of "whiplash" type injuries. Prior to retaining our firm, she attempted to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company herself and receive... Read On

  • Dog Bite Results in Settlement of Nearly $100,000.00

    We recently represented a young child who was bitten by a dog. Our client, at the time a four year old boy, was playing with a friend's dog in their house when it suddenly bit him in the face. After being rushed by his family to a local hospital, and then transported to a regional hospital and un... Read On

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