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Six-Figure Victory after offer of less than $20k!

September 2021

In May of 2020, we were referred TaShauna's case by a large local firm from whom we receive a lot of referrals when the cases need to be filed as lawsuits. TaShauna was involved in a motor vehicle collision in January of 2019. This was a head-on collision which caused the airbags to deploy and caused TaShauna some serious neurologic issues including post-traumatic concussion syndrome and migraines. TaShauna had never had migraines previously and as a result of the issues she was experiencing from the automobile collision, she was forced to quit her part-time job, obtain a revised learning scheduling in college, and give up many hobbies which she had previously enjoyed due to her inability to concentrate and be around bright lights.
Unfortunately, the insurance company did not see that our client's injuries were worthwhile and, the driver of the other vehicle actually argued liability in what we thought was a very clear liability case. At the time we took on this referral, State Farm had offered TaShauna $16,000.00. Although she had only accumulated less than $10,000.00 in medical bills, we knew that her injuries were worth far in excess of this offer. So we took to action and filed the case in Lincoln County, Missouri.
After a long period of discovery including witness and doctors depositions, and a lot of hard work on our end, State Farm agreed to pay the entire policy limit of $100,000.00 to TaShauna. Although this number may still pale in comparison to the injuries which she will deal with for the rest of her life, the relief that our client gained from obtaining the most money available in this case provided her a great sense of satisfaction and appreciation. As we always say, pleasing our clients is the best part of our job.

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