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Thousands of people are hurt and injured every year in Missouri and Illinois as the result of another person's negligence in operating their motor vehicle. Whether it's because of distractions like mobile phones, drunk drivers, speeding, or simply a poor decision made by the driver, car crashes can badly injure you and your loved ones. In such cases, it is essential to know precisely how you need to act and what rights you possess that will assist you throughout these difficult times. The attorneys at Reinoehl Kehlenbrink, LLC have handled hundreds of car accident cases in Missouri and Illinois during their nearly 30 years of experience litigating injury cases. If you are involved in a car accident and suffer injury, you need a strong, intelligent, and experienced attorney on your side.


You may be wondering why you need an injury lawyer following your car accident. If everyone has insurance and the other driver admits it was his fault, why would you bother to retain an attorney? We have so many clients who start out with this point of view, and it is understandable. At first, insurance companies are great at making you feel like they want to help. They are your friend. The adjuster might even tell you “You don't need a lawyer.” What generally happens, however, is that the claim proceeds with insurance and after a while, the client feels like they are being mistreated, ignored, or downright cheated by the insurance company. That's usually when we get the call. Hopefully by then, it isn't too late.

Without the experience to handle these matters correctly, you are only hurting yourself by trying to navigate the claim with an insurance company on your own. No matter how they come off early on, insurance companies look out for no one except themselves. They twist your words and look for any excuse to assert a defense to liability and damages. Because you ‘t deal with these claims and these companies on a regular basis, you get worn down and start to feel like you might actually be wrong, or that you just want to settle the case for whatever number they offer. Don't do it!!

At Reinoehl Kehlenbrink, LLC, our experienced Missouri and Illinois car accident attorneys have dealt with nearly every insurance company around. We know them, and more importantly, they know us. They know we don't take cheap offers. We don't back down from fighting for what is right for our clients. We offer FREE consultations to anyone involved in a car accident and we spend the time to help them understand their case and inform them about the best way forward. Unlike the insurance companies, we prioritize the interest of our clients and create outcomes correctly compensate them for their time, money, and pain and suffering.  

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