Soft Tissue Injuries Result in Settlement of More than $60,000

Our client was struck by a motor vehicle while walking on the shoulder of the road. Although she was knocked to the ground and suffered injuries to her arm and shoulder, she was lucky enough not to sustain any broken bones. 

The insurance company didn't believe that her injuries were serious enough to warrant payment of much more than her medical bills and sought to fault her for walking on the wrong side of the road. Through a series of extensive written discovery and hard fought depositions, we were able to obtain information about the driver's history and his lack of training in operating the motor vehicle for his employer. Although the defendants sought to dismiss our suit alleging negligence in the training of this driver, the Court agreed with our arguments and allowed that cause of action to stand. 

This evidence obtained by hard work and coupled with our legal experience in these types of cases ultimately caused the defendants' insurer to offer more than $60,000 to settle the claim. 

Client Obtains 5 Figure Settlement for Broken Rib Without Suit

This young woman was shopping at a local supermarket when she slipped and fell on a puddle of water in the aisle which was concealed against a light-colored floor surface. She sustained a broken rib and although she reported the injury immediately, the supermarket claimed that they had no knowledge of the puddle and argued that our client should have seen it for herself. 

After several months of denying our client reasonable compensation for her injuries, we drafted a lawsuit for filing and requested that the store provide all applicable surveillance and documentation. When faced with the reality of defending a lawsuit against our firm, the insurer for the supermarket agreed to pay a 5 figure settlement which allowed our client to pay all of her medical bills and also be compensated for her pain and suffering. 

Our experience and reputation allowed this client to settle her case without the time and emotional commitment of a formal lawsuit. 

Client's Case Settles for Nearly 4x the Initial Offer Amount

Our client was rear ended while waiting on the car in front of her to turn. She suffered soft tissue and neurological injuries, which are common results of "whiplash" type injuries. Prior to retaining our firm, she attempted to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company herself and received an offer of only $25,000.00. After we were retained, we were able to secure a settlement with the other driver's insurance for their policy limits, as well as a secondary settlement with her own insurance company for nearly that same amount. All in all, she recovered almost four times as much as she was offered prior to hiring our firm. 

Dog Bite Results in Settlement of Nearly $100,000.00

We recently represented a young child who was bitten by a dog. Our client, at the time a four year old boy, was playing with a friend's dog in their house when it suddenly bit him in the face. After being rushed by his family to a local hospital, and then transported to a regional hospital and undergoing reconstructive surgery for a severe laceration injury, our client suffered from mild to moderate facial scarring. After considerable negotiations with the dog owner's insurance company, we were able to secure a settlement of nearly six figures. That money will be invested for the child until he reaches adult age, and he will have a nice nest egg to help pay for his college education or other needs once he is old enough.